My Life Head On

It’s not about YOU!

| August 26, 2011

I came across something today that I wanted to share.  Often times, in rough situations, we try to make sense of things and comment that God will never give us more than we can handle. This is not true. As a matter of fact God often gives us more than we can handle. We humans […]

The Van

| August 6, 2011

Yesterday was a very rough day.  I was unable to sleep Thursday night due to a Migraine i was unable to get rid of. The pain kept me up the entire night.  Then, early Friday morning the whole family got up to meet the insurance agent and see the van. None of us had seen the van […]


| June 27, 2011

Who is Taylor Mae Stinchcomb? The answer to this question has many answers.  Her short life of just over 15 years has sparked a lot of attention as it came to a very sad end early Tuesday morning June 21, 2011.  She was a force of nature. She lived life to the fullest every second […]


| November 7, 2010

Its been an interesting few days.  Some really great things have happened.   While I woke up yesterday and developed a rather nasty migraine, my dog actually let me know it was coming and I was able to prepare for it ahead of time.  I took it easy and got plenty of rest staying in […]


| October 31, 2010

Started the day off with a great message today at church. Was a rather moving service really.  I really enjoyed hearing Joe speak today.  We also had two visiting pastors as well that spoke about churches in Israel and Hatti.  They had some inedible stories that they shared. Came home and had to keep an eye on Renegade during […]