My Life Head On

Snow Storms, Shovels, Snuggles, and Souffle

| February 8, 2011

Taylor and the boys Taylor trying to help Renegade find his ball Renegade still digging his ball out of the snow Well, a lot has happened since my last post.  I was busy at first watching the house for my parents while they were out of town.  My little sister was also away on a […]

Cozy by the Fire

| December 11, 2010

The store was really busy today up until about 3:30 when the weather turned a bit gross out.  We decided to close up early and head home around 6.  When I got home I found Joey and Taylor camped out in the dark watching Christmas movies by the fire.  It was a cute cozy scene. […]

Caribou, Pengins, Dogs, and Ninjas

| November 25, 2010

Mal came by today with presents! She knows me so well.  She gave me a new Caribou travel mug that is covered with the little things that make life great.  She also got me a color your own penguin t shirt! I love pengins (yes I know it is spelled wrong but that’s how I […]


| November 23, 2010

Well with everything going on around my birthday this year I haven’t had much time to write much of anything.  Tonight I finally have a little bit of a breather.  It has been a really great week.  Thank you to everyone that has been part of it both here and long distance.  I have had […]

A Fun Filled Day

| November 3, 2010

I had a really great day. I was rather lazy about getting out of bed, but once I did the day was filled with activity.  Mal came and we went to go get Joey’s birthday cake from Coldstone.  It turned out great.  We brought it back and had a major strike out on finding an […]

Too Much

| November 1, 2010

Today was one of those days where while I seemed to be busy doing something all day and had people with me that I was conversing with….I still felt like I was in my own world.  I’m not really sure how that is.  It was a very productive day getting to the orthodontist and getting […]

Wind Storm

| October 28, 2010

Today was one of those days. Not only was the wind unbelievable outside yet again, but I felt like it was blowing through my mind as well. It was one of those days where I was overly happy that I do NOT own a small dog…Don’t get me wrong I like small dogs, but my […]

Pasta, Pie, Potter, and Pop

| October 27, 2010

Yes that’s right it is once again Tuesday night. I got a surprise 10 day vacation so we started a little earlier this week than normal. We were able to run out and get the items we needed for Joey’s birthday next week and make a stop at World Market for pop. We had a […]

Don’t Have Pecan Pie on a First Date….

| October 8, 2010

Went out with my Mallory tonight. I love her to pieces. We were joined by my brother and our friend Pat as well. Only one person could have made it a more than perfect night, one of these days I guess. We had a great time laughing and reminiscing about the past. I am pretty […]

Busy as a Bee

| September 26, 2010

So things have been a bit crazy lately to say the least. I said goodbye to my good friend Casey yesterday after our nice long car trip. I love him, and don’t know what I would do without him in my life. He really has been there through thick and thin.  Spent the evening with […]