My Life Head On

Relaxing on Friday Night

| March 29, 2013

I spent a good part of the morning working on both my personal and business websites.¬†After servers changes and updates I had to reset some of settings and images to get things back to how they are supposed to be. It was time consuming ordeal, but I got to spend some quality time with my […]

A Bad Case of the Mondays

| March 18, 2013

I left my house at 7:30AM this morning. I knew had a long day at work scheduled, but I had no idea today would be so long. My day at the veterinary hospital was a fairly typical Monday. The hospital was busy, and I was scheduled 8AM to 7PM. Now, we closer at 7, so […]

Portuguese Water Dog

| March 12, 2013

Long Cat

| March 9, 2013

Watching Some Hockey

| March 9, 2013